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Start your own Gold Farm

Diablo 3

This blog post will give an overview of how I made $8000 /mo with Diablo III an
Anonymous VPN and DemonBuddy. The best part is you can start your own gold farm
with the same tools. From June 2012 until December 2012 I made $3000 – $8000
dollars per month selling a video games digital currency “gold” with minimal
effort and no manual playing and I got in late. The earliest adopters enjoyed
two months where $10,000 or more was possible. You simply set-up the software
and let it play for you and pick up the currency. Then sell it on Blizzards
RMAH (Real Money Auction House.) You have to leave your computer on 24/7
harvesting the game currency in the background. A good computer can run 6-15
game windows at a time. A lot of people that are doing it have purchased
several new computers to expand the size of their gold farm. If you are working
with multiple computers then you need a private VPN that offers optional public
static IP addresses and have each IP address attached to a different PC or
virtual machine.

If your paying attention your thinking to yourself he said “From June 2012
until December 2012” its March now so I bet something happened. Your right
somethings did happen. First between work and my gold farming I had been neglecting school and 2nd in
late December there was a large ban wave. You see there is some risk involved
with running a gold farm on Diablo 3 and that risk is automating their game is
against their terms of service. Every now and again they enforce this and block
all of the known gold farmers accounts. I started with 1 copy of the game, 1
SSL VPN and ended up with about 25 copies of the game and 5 VPN connections.

I know quite a lot of people that are still farming Diablo 3, World of Warcraft,
Runescape and Guildwars 2 they still make quite a bit of free real life money doing it,
its not as profitable as it was last year but Diablo 3 has an expansion in the
works so now is a good time to learn the ropes and get ready for the expansion.
Don’t forget to purchase an SSL VPN it will save yourself some money in the long run.

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