How to Unblock Websites


Here’s an easy way showing you how to unblock websites at home, work, school, or anywhere you like. In recent years internet surfing has become much stricter, with many websites being filtered to only show ‘safe’ images, and keywords being blocked out. Almost everyone has come across the problem of not being able to access the information they want, but here’s a simple solution on how to avoid this.

Many sites are blocked, the most common being blogging sites, social websites, and sites containing pop up images. It’s a major hassle to have to waste your time finding a substitute site for your important information, so here’s where we show you how to unblock websites.

There are many different options you can pick to avoid the problem of blocked sites.

You can simply use Google Mobile Search which acts like a proxy server, with no filtering of information involved. This site shows text and images in their simplest forms and breaks bigger pages into smaller versions, so all the information you need will stay on the page. Because the page is stripped down, the server thinks you are viewing the standard Google search page, when in fact you’re really looking at the site which would have been blocked.

A huge variety of proxy websites are available all over the internet, including on the Google Chrome web store. The proxy websites act as an anonymity tool, to make sure the server can’t see the web address you’re trying to view. This is handy because anything can be viewed without filtering problems.

The method of how to unblock websites is really not as hard as it seems. Adding cache to the web address always makes sure you can see the blocked website. When using Google Chrome you can easily type ‘cache:’ into the search field before typing your desired web address.

Many businesses such as schools and offices block out many sites to make sure you are focused on work, but sometimes when it’s a completely justified web search you’re making, nuisance filters mean you’re unable to view what you like.

Internet Archive is a really useful tool for removing all blocking on websites. is the address, and it quickly uses a Wayback Machine to obtain all pages from the website you want; regardless of if its listed as blocked or not.

One of the more speedy solutions to access blocked websites is typing ‘https’ instead of http before the web address. This does not work every single time, but it’s a quick option which works well.

Along with all these great solutions you can also download many types of software. UltraSurf is an easy option that hides your IP address, meaning you can access any site problem-free. Lots of people don’t realise the simplicity of hiding your IP or using a proxy to view any site you like! These easy choices are even good for amateur computer users. If you want to effortlessly know how to unblock websites then there’s definitely an option out there for you.


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